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Therapy in Whangarei

Are you looking for a therapist or counsellor in Whangarei?

  • Is something bothering you? Controlling you? Or limiting you?
  • Do you feel stuck in old patterns?
  • Do you long for more happiness and joy?

All of us can reach a point in our lives where we need some extra support.

Worry, anxiety, & tension may be experienced over the anticipated loss of something we value. For example, the death of a loved one, a betrayal, loss of a job, financial worries, a marriage breakup, etc.

No one is immune to events that affect our emotions. An event might trigger one of our deep core fears, such as the fear of not being good enough, of losing control, of being along, of missing out, of being abandoned.

A safe and non-judgemental space

I understand that to meet with a counsellor can be a daunting thing, particularly if it is your first time in therapy.

My invitation to you is to explore what is bothering you, in a safe and non-judgemental space. Gently together we can bring this to the surface, shine a light on it and allow the shadow to disappear.

I don’t and won’t judge you or tell you what to do. I will give you all the time and space you need to build the trust required, so that you feel that you can share your thoughts with me.

Counselling and therapy is all about investing in you. Together we find the way forward that is uniquely best for you.

Types of issues

I can help with you a wide range of issues, such as:

And issues such as:

  • Burnout and stress
  • Being a perfectionist
  • Being assertive
  • Hyperventilation
  • Low self esteem
  • Panic attack
  • Sleep problems
  • Social phobia

Would you like to know more or make an appointment, feel free to contact me.


Counsellor Colin
I offer both individual counselling and Relationship counselling in Whangarei. I’m registered with NZAC.

You’re welcome to contact me for private practice counselling.

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