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My approach in coaching is to dive deep to new depths in a fun playful, creative way to connect you with your inner knowing, intuition and inner sanctuary.

In the Coaching process you:

  • Discover what your values are for your vision.
  • Empowered with knowing the inner critic and what works YOU are your guide.
  • Emerge with your tools, strengths.

We take playful steps in creating your map and a guide to get you there.
You hold a wealth of inner wisdom and are THE expert on you.

Together we will walk alongside each other to inspire you to empower your ‘self’ to dive to new depths and have fun in the process. We can intuitively navigate our work with open communication and deep respect.

Coaching Tools

These are some of the tools and between us we have so much more:

  • ARTbundance Creativity Coaching brings forward tools to help instantly gain access to intuition through simple, fun, creative activities that instantly gives freedom to dance on the sands and play in the waves of life.
  • SoulCollage® is a process to access your intuition and create cards with deep personal meaning to help with life’s questions and transitions.
  • Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching tools help break down goals into small steps, offering Principles that invite you to live a creative and fulfilled life.
  • Results Coaching Systems is founded in neuroscience and follows clear strategic pathways to achieve goals.
  • Narrative Therapy believes the person is the expert in their own life. They know their story. It assumes people have many skills, competencies, beliefs, values, commitments and abilities that will assist them to create the life they want to live.
  • Interactive Drawing Therapy (IDT) accesses the wise and resourceful parts of ourselves, the unconscious and provides us with new tools for understanding.
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) uses techniques of mindfulness, including being present in the moment and diffusion techniques of painful, unhelpful thoughts; acceptance; and commitment to values-based living.

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I’m Liz Gow. I offer counselling, coaching and individual relationship counselling.

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