Depression counselling Whangarei

Depression is a feeling of gloom and will also consist of low energy, tiredness and negativity about yourself and your purpose in life. It will manifest in a lack of joy or pleasure.

It may also result in feelings of discouragement and a lack of interest in either pursuits and/or people, including family and friends.

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Start enjoying life again

It often feels like there is no way through depression and that circumstances cannot be changed and it is therefore necessary to seek help.

I can help you feel better by listening to you and understanding why you feel this way. Then, together we will find ways to can change your circumstances and help you start enjoying life again. Together we will find the best way forward for you.

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Counsellor Colin
I offer both individual counselling and Relationship counselling in Whangarei. I’m registered with NZAC.

You’re welcome to contact me for private practice counselling.

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